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Equipment Breakdown Program

Policy Highlights

Equipment Breakdown Coverage rounds out your account and provides valuable coverage for your customers. Include it on all your property quotes and see how the benefits add up.

- Covers FIVE standard property exclusions:
1. Mechanical breakdown
2. Artificial electrical disturbance
3. Steam Explosion
4. Breakdown of steam vessels and piping
5. Breakdown of hot water vessels and piping
- Provides both direct & indirect coverages
- Covers equipment plus resultant damage to covered property
- Increased premium
- Potential to avoid E&O issues
- Statutory and jurisdictional inspections at no additional cost
*Great value for the price - easy and affordable to provide in a package

Equipment covered for Accidental Breakdown:
- Electrical  power transformers, electric motors, switchboards, distribution panels, circuit breakers, cables, bus ducts, etc.
- Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  air conditioning and
refrigeration motors, compressors, fans, switchboards, coils, pipes, vessels, etc.
- Boilers & Pressure Vessels  heating or process boilers, pressure vessels, cookers, sterilizers, vulcanizers, etc.
- Computers & Communications  environmental control, communications, computing equipment, etc.
- Mechanical  pumps, fans, blowers, engines, turbines,
compressors, gear sets, etc.

Convenient tiered flat charge pricing is available based on the total property limit per location. Annual premiums may be prorated if coverage is added midterm.

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