Some people are looking ahead to retirement at age 52.  Others are starting again, sometimes from scratch.  In 1982, just shy of his 52nd birthday, Rollie Wiegers was starting over.  He founded and started Scottsdale Insurance Company as a new enterprise.  At this point, all his eggs were in that basket.  And in what was known as the 'soft' insurance market of the early 1980's, it took some well-honed wagering instincts to bet that the venture would succeed.  Rollie had those instincts, which he acquired over more than 30 years in the industry.  They were sharpened by his leadership of Great Southwest Fire Insurance in that company's co-pioneering with Vince Donohue's Jefferson Insurance company, of the excess and surplus business in the United States.  That experience gave Rollie several advantages as he set off to found Scottsdale Insurance.  

At first, he could call on the many relationships he had established with general agents across the land, and they could count on his reputation as a straight-talking, honest businessman whose word and hand shake were as good as any written contracts.  Second, a deep bench of talent followed Rollie from Great Southwest, then owned by Sentry Insurance, to his new company - nine out of ten of the company's first officers came to Scottsdale Insurance Company.  Last but by no means least, Rollie had the backing of Nationwide Insurance, whose support lent credibility to his wager on Scottsdale Insurance's success, and whose assets provided a secure foundation for the new venture.  When the market turned favorable in the mid-1980's, Rollie looked more like a seer than a risk-taker.  But there was no question that he and his team at Scottsdale Insurance Company were winners.


Five years of growth can be measured in different ways - from 1,000-square-foot office on Fourth Street to the 100,000 square feet at the El Pueblo and Executive Park offices; from 2 people in an empty office to 371 employees; or from the 21 general agents who signed contracts with Scottsdale Insurance in 1982 to the 111 representing the Company in all 50 states in 1987.  Rollie Wiegers was honorably mentioned in Scottsdale Scene Magazine a few years later when Hoyt Johnson came away from his interview with him thinking, "What a story!" and concluded he could find no better title for his piece.  In 1991, Rollie became the eighth recipient of Vince Donohue Award - it was not given every year - and the first non-claims person so honored by the Excess/Surplus Lines Claims Association.  When American Association of Managing General Agents (AAMGA) also decided to memorialize Vince Donohue by naming  a Lifetime Achievement Award after him, it first bestowed the award on Scottsdale Insurance Company's Rollie.  These awards represented the incredible achievement that he was able to accomplish, especially when he was starting from scratch in the beginning.


In the year of 1982, Rollie Wiegers founded Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc. while he was President of Scottsdale Insurance Company (now Nationwide).  After Rollie retired in 1995, he continued his legacy of Colonial General with his family.  Today, Colonial General is a wholesale general agency providing quality insurance products and services to the independent insurance agents.  The company specializes in standard and non-standard business. We write Property & Casualty business including Commercial Contract, Personal Lines, Professional Liability, as well as Commercial Auto and Hired/Non-owned Auto.  With over 5000 active independent agents under contract, Colonial General operates in eight states throughout the Southwest with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Taylorsville, Utah.  Most of all, we pride ourselves in our friendly customer service and our ability to help our producing agents with their many insurance needs.

Colonial General specializes in Surplus Lines Business and Specialty Excess.  We write Property & Casualty, Commercial Auto, Personal Lines, Professional Liability, and Brokerage accounts.  We also have admitted markets for Preferred Personal Lines and Property & Casualty.  We represent many A+ carriers which help us provide you with competitive insurance rates.  Colonial General's goal is to provide you with friendly service, competitive rates, and coverage for a better class of business to fit all of your needs.  Contact us today and let us help you improve your business!

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